Hey everyone, Its Aylinerik here! This page is an art competition!


-Upload your art on comments, not on the page.

-You only have 1 try.

-Deleting comments will get you disqualified.

-Do not share personal information. (Your age, gender, etc...)

-Winner will be decided every Sunday.

-Go with the weeks theme.

-The winner will be announced on this page, along with their art work.

-Your upload cannot be an advertisement of a brand or person.


Hall Of Fame

November 1st 2015- November 8th 2015

This weeks theme is: MARINE!

Ok... No winner this week...

November 16th 2015- November 23rd 2015

This weeks theme is: FASHION!

Ok... No winner this week either...

November 30th 2015- December 7th 2015

This weeks theme is: PEOPLE!

Winner: Colbyadamfranknorth! With the picture:

Tuatara de dannan

My recently drawn original faerie, form old Irish mythology.


December 21st 2015- December 28th 2015

As you would imagine, this week's theme is...CHRISTMAS!

Ok...No winner this week...

January 31st 2016- 6th February 2016

This weeks theme is: TECHNOLOGY!

Ok...No winner this week...

February 8th 2016- February 15th 2016

This weeks theme is: Pets i even need to finish this sentence?

February 22nd 2016- February 29th 2016

This weeks theme is: Childhood

Do you think there is a winner?