Hello people! Im Aylinerik here again and this page is for facial details. You can't have a nice human with weird face.

Human Face:

Nice Eyes: To make a human eye on large proportion, first make an oval-like shape and make a round large section in the middle, than add a small circle in the middle and color that black. Coloring the iris in a stripy pattern with different tones of the same color will make it look good. Add spaced out eye lashes if you want to.

Here is an example:

Nice Nose: There are quite a bit of techniques for noses to alter a character. Pretty, ugly, nerdy, you call it! For a pretty nose, make a triangle missing one side. For a selfish character, make an equal triangle without the bottom side. For a nerdy look, add a large nose, round or nose shaped, but make sure it is oversized.

Mouth: For a nice mouth there really isn't much to say since you only need the correct curve and there goes that emotion!

Extras: You can also add blushed cheeks using light red or/and add ears.

Have a nice time making characters! ;D