This page is for starters who want to learn how to edit.

Before editing, make sure to check out The Painting Wiki Rules. If you have any further questions ask me on my wall or Chart's.


Articles are the pages you go on and edit/read. To edit them, click the button on the top left that says "edit". You may see some pages say only "view source" where it should say "edit". They are protected due to a lot of bad edits and only admins could edit them. If you request an article to be unlocked/locked, tell us on our walls!

While editing, i recommend you use the classic editor which you could reach by clicking the downfacing triangle next to the edit button. This is because some

features (like adding photos) may not work.


Comments are for your opinion or question on an article or blog post or message. You can leave an anonymous comment as "a wikia contributor". This does not mean however that you could use any rude language, or spam since you will be blocked even as an anonymous user. You can take a look at the rules to see what is allowed and what's not. If you do not want to keep a comment on somewhere, you can click on the comment and then "more" then "delete". You will be able to restore the reply but no one else can. You can also edit the reply if you got something wrong.


Categories are made for you to find articles easier. You can also add categories to articles unless they are protected. But please do not create new categories without permission. (For organizational purposes.) You can go to the category pages to see what articles are in that category.


These are visual data which could be uploaded upon comments, articles, blogs etc.. You can take a photo using your camera and then upload it or download a file from the internet or your device's memory. It is a good idea to have at least one photo for each article, sometimes as a sample.