Hello! And thank you for chosing the Painting Wiki!! Before you start, please read the below rules:

Painting Wiki Rules

  1. When adding a page, be sure to capitalize all of the important words in the title. For example: "Painting Wiki Rules" (not 'Painting wiki rules')
  2. When adding a page, be sure to put categories, so that other users can more easily find similar pages.
  3. Do not add new categories without admin permission. Use existing categories. They can be seen in the navigation bar on the top of your screen. 
  4. Before adding a page, make sure there is not already a page on the subject
  5. When editing a page, fill out the edit summary so other users know why you edited the page, and what you did. (Please include the date in edit summary.)
  6. Do NOT edit another users profile. 
  7. There will be a zero tolerance for vulgar language, rude comments, and spam.
  8. Do not create new pages, polls etc. without admin permission.
  9. Do NOT farm badges. (Spamming article edits, adding unnecessary photos, randomly commenting on blog posts etc..) Badges are made as a side challenge to see the helpful people in our community. :)
  10. Do NOT share personal information such as your gender, name, age, adress.
  11. Do NOT judge admin decisions. This may be a friend getting blocked or banned, but there will be no tolerance no matter who that person is.
  12. Do not use, publish or alternate anything that you do not own all of the rights to.
Low Intensity Consequences:
  • 1st offence: warning on message wall
  • 2nd offence: blocked for 2 weeks
  • 3rd offence: blocked for 1 month
  • 4th offence: blocked for 1 year
  • 5th offence: blocked forever
High Intensity Consequences:
  • 1st offence: blocked for 1 month
  • 2nd offence: blocked for 1 year
  • 3rd offence: blocked forever

Thank you for reading the above rules. It is important for all of us to follow these rules so everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you see spam, vulgar language in comments, etc. please report it to an admin immediately. A link to each admin's user page can be found under "Wiki Content" in the navigation bar.

Thanks from your admins,
~Chartreuse NarwhalQuintillus54, and Aylinerik