Rainbow Heart

Completed artwork.

Hello Everyone! I am Aylinerik and i wanted to share some of my favourite ways of drawing!

(For my drawings i prefer Stabilo markers.)

Rainbow Heart

This is the Rainbow Heart and has a slight illusion that makes it look shiny even though it is not.

Step 1: Using a pencil, lightly sketch out a heart and put a glare on the top left side. ( A heart glare is just like a balloon glare.)

Step 1

Step 2: Get a dark red color and draw a curved line from the top middle to the bottom middle.

Step 2

Step 3: (optional) With the same dark red, make some shading under the glare.
Step 3

Step 4: Get a red color and once again start from the top middle and this time make it get closer and closer to the left border with a simialar curve to step one. Once the line touches the border of the heart, stop it.

Sorry i cannot find my thick tipped red pen anywhere. .-.

Step 5: Do a simialar pattern with orange, yellow, light green, green and blue-green. (Which blue-green should be a very weird circlish shape from the curve.) You can add more or less colors depending on the size you do this.


Step 6: Fill in the areas with the correct colors.

Step 7: (optional) Using a good eraser, erase the pencil borders.

Step7/End Production

Good Luck!

You can post some that you drew!